by Reverend J. A. Phillips, Ph.D.

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Why This Book Was Written

The idea for this "Logically Integrated Translation" (LIT) of the Gospels began to germinate while leading a recent "Study Tour" to Israel through discussions with our guide, David Assael, President of "On Eagles Wings Tours" in Israel. On arriving home, the idea would not go away; in fact, it became stronger. Finally, I was impelled to set forth this gospel.

In the process of compiling this work, I have chosen to integrate the gospels into one coherent whole for a wholeness perspective, attempting to set forth the events chronologically, as much as their order is possible to determine. When one gospel elaborates upon an event recorded in another gospel, I have chosen to integrate the additional comments. In order to recognize the work of one gospel in comparison with another, I have used different styles of lettering for each gospel as follows:

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

With respect to wording, the King James Version was used as a basis and then updated with more current, understandable language. Other resources were used as well for reference, such as Greek texts and language helps, interlinear works, commentaries, and modern translations for comparison.

Since this work is an integration, it was impossible to maintain the same format in chapters and verses as set forth in all four gospels. Therefore, new chapters and verses were assigned. In all, there are sixty-six chapters; the same number as the books of the Bible. To help in locating events, topic headings are provided and are listed in the Table of Contents along with a list of the photographs; these also are listed in alphabetical order in the Index. Incidental words and phrases in brackets are added for clarity and continuity.

The LIT is presented with the words of Jesus in red letters. In addition, there are two maps and over one hundred color photographs of sites and areas mentioned in the gospels. All of the photographs were taken on our "Study Tours" of Israel and Jordan by me and "Study Tour" members Barbara Henderson and Toni Trier. Providing photographs puts a face on the land of the gospels and makes the gospel events come alive.

The process of working on the LIT became a great blessing and was very inspirational, being immersed in the life and mission of Jesus the Christ. As you read the LIT, may you also be blessed and inspired.

The Lord Bless you and keep you.
The Lord make his face shine upon you
and be gracious unto you.
The Lord lift up his countenance upon you
and give you peace.
Numbers 6:24-26


J. A. Phillips, Ph.D. -- August 2000

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